Turning Green

(Dress: Free People, Shoes: UO, Hat: Italy)

Oh man, guys, this dress is one of my favorite things ever right now. I absolutely adore the pattern on the skirt, and the crochet top! Free People, you've done it again. The dress I've been dreaming of that can be dressed up or down perfectly is right here. I feel like a dress that you feel pretty in, and also super comfortable in is something every girl should have. I've gotta thank Marshall's for mine! 
It's a given these days that my Mary Jane's accompany most outfits, and this was no exception. They're seriously the best summer shoes. I originally got them for Costa Rica (since I needed closed toe shoes) but I've been wearing them non stop here as well. Long story short, PLEASE go pick up a pair from UO. You won't be sorry, I promise.

I'm so so sorry for the lack of posts recently, things have been crazy! I'm off to Costa Rica for a month long volunteer trip this Sunday, so this week has been pretty much been me frantically trying to get ready. 

A Rolling Stone

(Dress: Vintage, Hat & Sandals: Free People, Purse: Italy)

There are few things I love more than a good vintage dress. This one I especially love since it's both denim and floral! It was originally floor length, but I knew I'd wear it more often as a mini, so I made it shorter. I broke out my old huarache sandals from last summer today as well, I thought they paired well with the dress. 
I hope everyone enjoyed Father's day! I spent mine down at the beach with my family and had a wonderful time. 

As for me, I'll be busy packing and getting ready for my trip to Costa Rica all week! Plus my little brother graduates from high school this Tuesday. Busy busy busy, but I'll be sure to post as often as I can! 


I've been really into making dreamcatchers and other crafty things lately. 

My adorable new Mary Jane's!

Throwback to my favorite concert ever, I'm right in the front! 

The weather the past few days has really been pretty awful, so I have no new outfit posts for ya :( So I figured I'd try something different, and post a few recent Instagram photos. 
My username is tesswunder if you feel like following! 

I'm planning to take outfit photos tomorrow, so check back for that post :) 

While I'm Alive

(Hat & Necklace: Free People, Top & Shoes: UO, Shorts: DIY thrifted) 

This is just a casual outfit I like to put on throughout summer! I was surprised at myself that I wanted to pair navy and rasberry together, but I like it! Sort of a muted patriotic combo I think. This top from Urban has been my favorite lately. It's super soft and comfy. Simple, but just what ya need during the summer. 
I attempted a jumping photo for these shoes, since I love them so much but as you can see, the focus didn't feel like cooperating much. This shoes, though. They're insanely comfortable! Mary Jane's will always be absolutely adorable in my mind, so I was glad to finally get these. I'm sure I'll be wearing them all summer long! 

Hope ya'll enjoy my awkward outtakes below. Figured I'd add some in since pretty much 95% of the photos I take for this blog are like the one's ya see here... and the 5% are the ones that normally make the cut haha. 

Touch of Crochet

(Dress: Free People, Top & belt: Thrifted, Necklace: Free People)

I know I've done another post with this dress before, but it's such a great starting point to an outfit that I had to do another! It's so adorable by itself and also lends itself well to minimalistic outfits, but I decided to add a few more special things to it this time around like this little top. It's seriously so cute I think! I found it a while ago while thrifting, and it's either a top or a vest like I wore it here. I think the color is just perfect. 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! 

It Takes Time

(Dress: Thrifted Free People, Hat: Free People, Shoes: Lucky Brand) 

Sometimes I tend to forget the simple fact that things take time. I’ve never been the most patient person, and I’m totally working on that. I just want to thank those of you who read my blog, your comments seriously mean so much! It makes everything even more fun when I hear from people who stumble upon Candylouise. I just have to remind myself that starting a blog takes time just like everything else in life. :) 

So enough of that, and on to the outfit haha. I seriously felt like I hit the jackpot when I found this lovely little dress at a local thrift store. Like, who would EVER get rid of a dress so adorable?! I immediately was drawn to the daisy pattern on the dress, and when I saw the peter pan collar, I knew it was fate. This dress and I were meant to be. I absolutely love it. It's super comfy, and just the right fit I think. I see myself wanting to put this dress on, like every day -- I'll have to stop myself from actually doing that. 
Along with the dress of my dreams is the first ever straw hat that I have owned, and I surprisingly really like it! I bought it for my upcoming Costa Rica trip, but I find myself pairing it with outfits here in the Northeast too. These two are a perfect pair. 

Hope everyone has a happy Saturday!  

Into the Woods

(Dress & Lace crop: Free People, Hat: Forever 21, Jacket: Madewell, Shoes: thrifted)

I'm so glad that despite the rain, I still got to hit the park today. It was pouring this morning, and then let up for a bit this afternoon, so I decided that was a sign not to cancel my plans. 
Westmore Park is definitely my favorite place in my town. It's got tons of little paths to wander down, a lake, and even a farm! I had such a lovely time there today, I may find myself back there again soon. Not to mention there were tons of great spots for photos. 
I decided the perfect outfit for a little adventure like today's was my voile slip. You've seen my printed one on here before, but my cream one is probably my favorite. It's so delicate looking on its own, but I love pairing even more lace with it. Green is my favorite color, and I gotta say, the green of this lacey bra from Free People is one of my favorite shades. 

Oxford Comma

(Dress: old Forever 21, Shoes: thrifted, Socks: Free People)

This morning I had the most awful time getting dressed, which made me so sad! Getting dressed should always be fun. Unfortunately, it was one of those "I've got nothing to wear" days. So after digging through my closet, (and making a mess), I found this dress that's pretty old but still as comfy and cute as ever. Another floral dress.. I know. They're seriously the best though, especially during rough mornings like mine today.
But now onto the shoes! I'm so so excited about them. I've been searching for a pair of oxfords and voila, I found these babies at Goodwill yesterday! $8 bucks, I might add. I'm a very happy girl. 

I'm planning to visit this really pretty park in Hartford tomorrow, so I'll do my best to take some outfit photos there! It'd be a nice change from trying to find decent spots in my neighborhood.