Daisy Rain

(Dress: Brandy Melville, Tights: UO, Jacket: Madewell, Shoes: Steve Madden) 

All this rain is seriously putting a damper on my outfits. Waking up to a dreary looking sky makes me just want to throw on sweaters and leggings! 
BUT today I couldn't resist wearing my new daisy tights. I'm in love with these and am hoping they don't tear easily! 
This shirt/dress is so comfy, it's one of those things I can just throw on before an early class, but also looks so cute with tights and the right accessories. 
Sorry about the hat, though. I realized halfway through that I'm wearing a hat in most photos, so I decided to take it off. I'm literally obsessed with hats right now, they just seem to be the perfect add on to any outfit. 

lovely florals

(Dress: Forever 21, Belt: Thrifted, Cardigan: Free People, Hat: UO, Shoes: Steve Madden) 

Just have to start by saying that I'm absolutely in love with a belt, and yes, it is the one I'm wearing here. Found this $2 gem at Savers last night and it's the perfect width, length, everything plus it's worn-in just enough. 
Anyways, I'm sure it's clear by now that I have an obsession with floral dresses. Here's another one I found a while back at Forever 21. It's has the perfect colors in it for me, and matches with so many of my sweaters. 
This sweater has always been a favorite of mine. I got it a few christmases ago and I'm still in love with it. The orange color is great, especially since I don't have anything else in that color. 

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Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

(Dress: Urban Outfitters, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Jacket: Vintage, Shoes: old DSW find) 

Well it certainly was windy this morning, but I'm glad I got a quick chance to snap a few photos before heading to work. The dress wasn't having this weather though.. I pretty much had to hold down the whole time! 
I'm really getting into this minimalistic look, not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I know for sure that I'm loving this t-shirt dress from Urban, though. It's literally the most comfortable thing -- since it's basically a t-shirt! Stripes have always been an unknown for me, but I've decided I like them in the right outfit. Also I'm psyched that I found this hat, it's a little bit smaller than my other ones so it's perfect for everyday indoor wear. 


These are a few of my most recent inspirations - style-wise and life-wise. 
It's been quite dreary in Connecticut, so it hasn't been the best for style photos. More to come soon I promise! 

All of these photos are from Pinterest, not my own. 
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(Dress: FreePeople Bag: Vintage Jacket: Marshall's find! Boots: Steve Madden)

I've been in such a grungy mood lately with my outfits, so today I decided to break out the whites. This slip dress from Free People is adorable, I love it so much I have it in black too. It was the perfect thing to put on for a very warm Easter! 
Definitely a more minimal outfit, which is nice for a change. I've been so inspired by all of the minimalistic style trends lately and am trying to incorporate that into my everyday looks. 

Hope everyone's having a lovely holiday! 

(Dress: Older FreePeople, Lacey bra: Free People Hat: Street Stand, Boots: Steve Madden, Jacket: Vintage) 

There's no better accessory than a good hat. I've literally hoarded hats in my room without ever wearing them for years, but I'm finally beginning to incorporate them into my outfits. They add such a unique touch. 
This hat in particular holds a special place in my heart. I bought it at a street stand when I was in Verona, Italy. The seller was so sweet, and since I walked by and tried it on about 5 times before buying it I definitely appreciated his patience. 
I'm so glad that it's finally warm enough to break out my vintage denim jacket, it's my favorite! It's goes well with almost everything, and helps brighten up my look since I tend to lean towards darker tones. 
This dress is also a staple in my wardrobe. It's one of those go-to pieces I can always rely on. The pattern and colors are perfect for me, and go well with so many things. 

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One thing that I never anticipated when starting to blog was how tough it is to pose in front of a camera... Today I realized just how awkward it can be and also that I tend to look down in pretty much every photo. It'll get better I promise!

Anyways, lately there's nothing I'd rather be wearing than these jeans... I have got to tell you - if you don't own a pair of roller crops from Free People, get some. They're incredibly comfortable and that's a lot coming from a girl who's always always in a dress/tights combo. 
This top has been a go to piece for me for a while, too. It was something I stumbled upon as I stumbled around forever 21, but I really dig it! The pattern is my favorite part though, makes me think 90's grunge in a sort of way. 

Here's what I'm wearing: Pants: Free People Shoes: Naturalizer Top: Forever21 Jewelry: vintage 

A small glimpse of today. It's beautiful out, spending the day at my desk with the window wide open. 
The last photo is of a few new things I've gotten recently -- from Free People, Brandy Melville and Top Shop.