A Summer Thing

 (Dress: Forever 21, Hat: Market find, Shoes: Free People, Belt: thrifted)

I'm so glad these photos came out alright! This dress deserves a proper post. I found it a while back and sort of impulse bought it at Forever 21. I've been so surprised at how much I find there! I used to have serious anxiety when shopping there (sort of kidding), and I always walked away with nothing. That certainly changed! I like pairing this belt with it, but it's also cute without it. You'll definitely be seeing more of this guy during the summer! It's the perfect fit, and length for me I think. 
As always, I put on my most favorite shoes to finish the look. I'm still so in love with these clogs. <3 

I named this post "A Summer Thing" because I'm totally digging Cayucas the band! They've got such a summery sound, perfect for this time of year. My favorite song of theirs happens to be "A Summer Thing." 

Black & Blue

(Tank & Hat: Forever 21, Pants: UO, Necklace: Free People)

Finally an outfit post! Sorry it's been so long. The past couple of weeks have been really busy and I just haven't had time to blog! 
This outfit is pretty simple, and is something I love to throw on. Who ever said that black and blue can never go together is crazy, they look so cute together I think. I've been really into crop tops lately (don't kill me). Don't get me wrong, I would never wear belly shirts and low rise pants or anything along those lines. But a loose crop and high rise jeans or shorts? So cute! Especially for summer. I'm so excited to have found this top, too. I plan to wear it with my maxi skirts and over some dresses too for a layered look. 

Ah, sorry these photos are so bright and unfocused! It was raining outside, and my brother who happened to be taking the photos doesn't really know his way around a camera. Better luck next time I suppose. 


Hey guys! So I set up a little account on Poshmark and will be selling some of my clothes there! Here are a few items for sale. There's more though, so check it out here!

An outfit post is on the way, I had taken some photos on Memorial day but unfortunately the SD card got spilled on, and thus those photos are forever gone. :( Hopefully I'll have one up by tomorrow! 

Sweet in the Spring

(Dress & Belt: Thrifted, necklace: Forever 21, Shoes: Lucky Brand)

Wow I'm so sorry for being the worst blogger ever this week! In my defense, the weather has been pretty awful. Cloudy, rainy, you name it. But today it finally cleared up! I took the chance to put on this dress I found while out thrifting a few days ago. I adore the pattern and colors in it so much, so I'm glad it was warm enough to put on today. 
This is always my go to type of outfit during summer. Dresses are the perfect thing to wear pretty much all the time since they'll keep ya cool in the heat, and they're so easy & comfortable to wear. 

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Saratoga Springs in NY for a concert and camping afterwards, and I'm so insanely excited! I'm seeing Edward Sharpe (!!!!) and Jack Johnson is performing as well. I may even have to wear this dress again for it. I'm bringing my camera, so expect lots of photos come Sunday! :)

Daisy Chain

(Skirt: thrifted, Hat & Shirt: Forever21, Necklace: Free People, Shoes: Lucky Brand)

It's so nice knowing that it's warm out for good! (At least for the summer) No more need to plan a jacket into an outfit, which totally frees up possibilities! 
I've come to the conclusion that this top is the best. I don't know why, but I have such a hard time finding a simple top that pairs well with things. Who knew a white t-shirt was such a hard thing to find. But, I did find this one at Forever 21 about a week ago and I've hardly taken it off! 
I'm totally loving this skirt, though. The daisy pattern on it is so cute. I swear the best place to find cool skirts is at thrift shops. I always have the best luck there with finding dresses and skirts. 
I especially love it when it gets a little bit warmer out because it's the perfect time to wear maxi skirts like this. It's so easy to just throw one on, pair it with a simple top and some cool accessories and you're totally set for the day! 

Again, if any fellow fashion bloggers out there have any tips for a just starting out blogger, I'd really love to hear them!! :) 

Lotus Flower Power

(Top: Free People, Shorts: thrifted, Top & Hat: Forever 21, Long necklace: Free People)

Today was such a wonderful day. The weather was what I'd consider the perfect temperature. Not real hot, but just warm enough for shorts and a few light layers. After work this morning, I flew down to my parent's house by the beach. I spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sun, and wandering around the streets by the shore with my dog, Oliver. It was such a nice mini vacation, even though it only lasted a few hours. 
I'm so excited about this new top of mine, though! I was super unsure about getting it, because it is so far from what I normally wear (color wise) but I think it's perfect for summer. It can be buttoned up too, so it's pretty versatile! I'm also in LOVE with this necklace. It has the cutest details; the bottom piece has a lotus flower engraving on it. 

Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday as well! 

Also, I actually have a question for any fellow fashion bloggers out there. How did you get started? Any tips you could offer me? I'd love to hear from ya. :)

Arrows n' Polka dots

(Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Brandy Melville)

I've been so inspired by Alexa Chung lately. She's definitely one of my most looked up to style icons, and I envy the way she can look so effortlessly cool. I just read her book, It, and cannot recommend it enough. It's got everything about life that you must know. 
I guess I was sort of inspired by her menswear-girly style that I put this on the other day. 
I love the cute arrow print on this top, and it pairs great with all my high waisted shorts and skirts! I couldn't help but add my polka dot tights to the outfit too - it was just a little bit too chilly to go without them, and I love the quirkiness they add to any outfit. 

Make sure to follow me on instagram! I'll be posting there when I don't have time for an actual outfit post :) 


I spent today outside hiking with some of my very best friends. We ended up hiking through some pretty gnarly things, and even came across a deer skull. It was pretty sad to see but I guess that's just nature and how life goes. Definitely interesting though! We trekked through jumpy spiders, saw a few snakes, and some burrows that we decided were where the deer sleep. 
We originally started the hike to find an old abandoned car that was lodged somewhere out there, but we didn't end up finding it. We did, however, find an old toilet and part of a car. We must have been on the right track! 
It was the most perfect weather, and a really great first full day of summer. 

An outfit post is on the way to ya for tomorrow! 

"Just Because"

(Dress: Free People, Shoes: Free People, Hat: Forever 21) 

Ever since I started working at Free People, the one item in my closet that I always want to put on is my voile slip. It comes in a ton of colors and is just the most versatile piece. I wear mine layered up in the fall and winter, and then in the summer it's the perfect girly dress. Just the other day my mom came home with a little bag and handed it to me - inside was this little wonder! A PRINTED voile. I'm so excited, and it was the most thoughtful thing of her to get me a "just because" gift. 
You'll most definitely being seeing a lot more of this slip on here! 

As for me, it's finally summer vacation, so I'll have a lot more time to spend on the blog. As you can see, I already gave it a little makeover the other day!