Sweet in the Spring

(Dress & Belt: Thrifted, necklace: Forever 21, Shoes: Lucky Brand)

Wow I'm so sorry for being the worst blogger ever this week! In my defense, the weather has been pretty awful. Cloudy, rainy, you name it. But today it finally cleared up! I took the chance to put on this dress I found while out thrifting a few days ago. I adore the pattern and colors in it so much, so I'm glad it was warm enough to put on today. 
This is always my go to type of outfit during summer. Dresses are the perfect thing to wear pretty much all the time since they'll keep ya cool in the heat, and they're so easy & comfortable to wear. 

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Saratoga Springs in NY for a concert and camping afterwards, and I'm so insanely excited! I'm seeing Edward Sharpe (!!!!) and Jack Johnson is performing as well. I may even have to wear this dress again for it. I'm bringing my camera, so expect lots of photos come Sunday! :)

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