One thing that I never anticipated when starting to blog was how tough it is to pose in front of a camera... Today I realized just how awkward it can be and also that I tend to look down in pretty much every photo. It'll get better I promise!

Anyways, lately there's nothing I'd rather be wearing than these jeans... I have got to tell you - if you don't own a pair of roller crops from Free People, get some. They're incredibly comfortable and that's a lot coming from a girl who's always always in a dress/tights combo. 
This top has been a go to piece for me for a while, too. It was something I stumbled upon as I stumbled around forever 21, but I really dig it! The pattern is my favorite part though, makes me think 90's grunge in a sort of way. 

Here's what I'm wearing: Pants: Free People Shoes: Naturalizer Top: Forever21 Jewelry: vintage 

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